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The Honest truth Regarding Your Residence And Steel Roof Renovation

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Saved by Charles Wilson
on February 22, 2014 at 4:48:39 pm


augusta roofingBeyond my role as the firm's 'green guy', I'm also a business homeowner. My structure right here in Maine has a ribbed metal roof that has to do with 25 years of ages. It's been an excellent structure with terrific tenants however there were really beginning to be some problems with one certain 100-square part of the roof. It had not been well maintained, and a few of the subjected fasteners, especially in areas where repair works had actually been done in the past, were starting to cause troubles. In fact, as we peeled off up a few of the repair works, we found they really trapped dampness and caused rust to develop. One of our tenants makes fine furnishings, and they were complaining concerning leaks, and there had been been some inventory losses. 


augusta roofing


And with the summer season warmth, I was running the followers and the air trainers at all times to keep everybody comfy. It was clear something should be done. I looked at a few alternatives, featuring looking at the roof with a Z-profile and brand-new steel; packing the flutes and bouncing back with a solitary ply membrane ; and a roof coating engineering. Topcoat actually looked like the very best choice. 


Among the things that I really liked was that the Topcoat team recognized with all of the unusual details of the roof and how to approach them. The building was added into in stages, and it developed some locations that appeared to drip whatever we did. There's a comprehensive line of Topcoat gadgets which are applicable to practically every specific on the roof. Plus the fluid textile product gets rid of the lengthy application of material at horizontal seams, and tubes of sealant are handy for specific problem areas. 


Checking out it from the property owner's point of view, the Topcoat finish is a wonderful option-- I had it professionally done by Elco Paint and it's going to last. From a sustainability viewpoint, a high solids elastomeric like Topcoat actually works also. It's a cool, reflective roof that's currently saving me power expenses, and it will certainly keep my occupants more comfortable as well (I have to state this result is really impressive. In direct sunlight, if you place your hand on the covered area, it's cool-- not simply 'not warm', yet cool. On the galvanized metal, it's also hot to leave your hand on easily). So the new roof is not just going to keep my occupants completely dry, yet it's likewise keeping them cooler. And we didn't waste anything to do it. We had the ability to contribute to the service life of the alreadying existing roof utilizing hardly any brand-new material and taking care of hardly any old product, so I like it from a sustainability point of view. 


I delight in the renters will be a little cooler and so much more comfortable. And as the homeowner, I'm conserving energy, making the property last much longer, recovering and protecting the roof, and keeping individuals that pay the bills happy. This was my initial experience with roof renovation, has any person else attempted this?


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